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Essential Medication Alternatives For Sclerosis Patients

Close to 2.3 million people have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis throughout the world. Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease that affects the brain, the spine, and the eyes. With multiple sclerosis, the immune system of a patient attacks their myelin or the protective coating around the nerves. This causes nerve damage, scar tissue, and inflammation. Trouble walking, bladder or bowel control issues, depression, muscle spasms, weakness and tremors, vision problems, pain and cognition problems are just some of the main symptoms of this disease. Although the main cause of multiple sclerosis remains unknown, it has been attributed to genetics, infection and lifestyle choices such as smoking. Just like the cause, the cure for multiple sclerosis is yet to be found. There are however some drugs that can stall the development of the disease and help with the symptoms. By reading this website, you will be able to find out more about the medication that multiple sclerosis patients rely on.

Interferon beta drugs are part of a general class of medicines that emulate the naturally occurring proteins in our bodies that act as a defense system against infections. These drugs are common in the market under different brands. They have been used to treat multiple sclerosis for quite a long time and are still commonly prescribed presently. Why and how they help treat multiple sclerosis remains unknown though it is believed that they send a message to the body to reduce the immune reactions that lead to the attacks on the myelin in a patient’s body. They are self-injected, and the dose depends on the specific drug.

Glatiramer acetate which is an immunomodulator medication interacts directly with the immune cells known as T-cells which are responsible for the attack on myelin. Glatiramer acetate can protect you myelin from further damage through this interaction proactively. Like the interferon beta drugs, glatiramer acetate is injected into the system either daily or two to three times a week depending on the drug and dosage. This drug leaves some people more vulnerable to infections since it tampers with the immune system hence it is necessary that they take care during a flu outbreak and maintain high levels of hygiene.

Corticosteroids are different from the other medicines mainly because it does not compare to them in terms of functionality. Most multiple sclerosis medications only try to control and get rid of the symptoms. Since multiple sclerosis leads to extensive inflammation which may cause pain, relapses and other symptoms. This a more short term drug that is used to reduce inflammation and reduce the severity of the relapses and symptoms during multiple sclerosis flare-ups.

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