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Great for rainy days
Hard Day at work and you need to react so that you can go back to work the next day with a smile on your lips? You don't fancy movies or reading, but you don't know how to rest differently? So try relaxing with action games on the site 1001 games!
Are you bored? Play with us
Every person has a hard day and so needs a well deserved rest. Try games on your PC and relax with games that you enjoy. Whether it is an action shooter or a quiet platform, everyone who is close to him, who likes it and has fun.
A Momentar escape from reality
Enjoy a moment trip to the virtual world. As a ninja, you can prevent crimes and punish not only thieves, but you can also enjoy gladiator fights to enjoy the feeling of victory. Or put yourself in the role of a chess master and defeat your statues as a treadmill.

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