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What to Expect from Gods Unchained

There are a lot of blockchain trading card games in the market. For those who want a fantasy trading card game, look no further with Gods Unchained. While development of the game began in the summer of year 2018, in the first quarter of this year was its full release. The Ethereum blockchain supports the game. Just like real cards, cards on this chain allow users to buy, trade, and sell them freely.

The game started in desktop and laptop computers that run on either MacOS or Windows. In the future, the game will fully support tablet, mobile device, and VR use. To get your set of cards, you can buy them in packs. You can also get access to hundreds of rare cards as a game player.

As of this writing, more than one million cards are sold. There are more than 100 artists who have collaborated with the company of Gods Unchained to create graphic arts. Currently, 550 card designs are up for grabs, and you can expect more in the coming years. You can use your browser to purchase cards. The game itself is an application that you can download easily.

You are going to get 5 Genesis cards for each pack you buy. Every card you get is a unique, crypto-collectible Ethereum ERC721 token. All the cards that you have will be stored to the Ethereum blockchain. Interacting with the network is all it takes for you to buy new cards or transfer the ones that are already present.

When you play the game, expect a 1 vs 1 match against your opponent, whether another computer or player. The purpose of the game is to reduce to zero the life of your opponent. Players utilize their collection of cards to build their card decks. Before the match starts, you have to pick a God to play with for you. A deck comprises thirty cards. Each player has to take turns to make their move. Every player must begin with mana and drawing cards. You need to use that mana to play your cards. Cards can be spells, creatures, individual God cards, or weapons. You can also access a God Power. For this power, use it only once for each turn. Ultimates, on the other hand, can only be used once per game.

If you look at the top left portion of your card, you will see its mana cost. In the lower corners, you will see green and yellow gems if your card is a creature. The number you find on the yellow gem is the attack that shows the damage you can do when your card attacks. The green gem, on the other hand, is the health of the creature. It shows how much damage your creature can take before your opponent destroys it.
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