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In addition to the confectionery and generally well-known Kopečková, the Czech company Adriagold now brings you the highest quality draught. Thanks to its twenty years of experience, you are now able to enjoy the unique and unmistakable taste of quality Czech ice cream.
You don't even have to be an exaggerate lover of this frozen delicacy to appreciate the superfine texture and flavor of Adriagold ice cream. The secret of their success lies only in the recipe, which guarantees them the production of just the perfect consistency, creasiness and taste that was demanded.
Perfect taste
They also support cooperation. If your ice cream has so much that you would like to spread this delicious taste, feel free to contact this company and buy the ice cream machine. Just as you shout out how great ice cream you're selling, you won't prosecute!

4. 5. 2019 /