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Get oriented today in the amount of advice about weight loss, which come from experts, trainers, journalists and those who just want to earn them today very hard. A relatively new trend in weight loss is a ketogenic diet, consisting in a relatively large intake of proteins, fats and minimal amounts of sugars. However, this is not a fashionable fad, but a proven method by bodybuilders and physicians, tailored for maximum comfort.
How to start working in ketosis?
Have you heard of ketosis and her weight loss and don't know how to get started? For a complete beginner we recommend to order an ideal monthly program from a renowned specialty food manufacturer. Don't be discouraged by the first days, every start is heavy, but believe that literally every day will bring you a result that will motivate you to the next day, and in a few weeks you will not know in the mirror. When you find out how your body works, you can continue without further assistance.

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