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You may have read a lot about what a woman has to do in the Climacterium, but, as the period becomes, you might not have guessed. That is, if it does not apply to you. If this applies to you, you know exactly what this period is. The loss of female fertility is accompanied by a decrease in estrogen production and the female body begins to change. Women at this stage of life feel that they are losing their vitality, charm and femininity.
What else is worse?
The skin begins to dry, the joints begin to solidify and the organism is tired during the short and the slightest effort. However, the first symptom is most often associated with weight gain, which is related to the slowing of metabolism. In women of this age, the tummy appears, the nails begin to become more fragile, and the hair begins to fall. When they no longer fall, they are minimally weaking and sparse. But there is nothing to worry about, there are plenty of dietary supplements to help you with this!

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