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Do you solve problems with neglected, unmaintained blocked and waving sewer? Do you need expert advice or are you looking for a company for works and sanitation? If so, then you are in the right place. We offer assistance in any issue with sewer systems. As a company we perform frequent inspections of drains, which ensure proper drainage functionality. Thanks to frequent drainage, it is very easy to defend against unexpected disturbances. Save your finances and make frequent revisions to your drains. As a company, we also offer services such as:

    Cleaning, monitoring and inspection of sewers.
    Pressure tests of sewers.
    Construction works, repairs, and construction of water supply.
    Grease separation, waste management and disposal.
    Heating works, leak tests or plumbing works.

Quality sewer service.

Everyone chooses from our services. Avoid symptoms such as odor and humidity of broken drains. Do not let your sewer get to the stage of wall wetting, sewage or rainwater, or terrain sinking. Check the condition of the drain and avoid unnecessary and unpleasant problems. If any of these problems have already occurred, do not despair and contact us. We solve everything quickly and efficiently thanks to our professional technology. In any case, however, the inspection of drains is suitable whether in the preparation of major reconstruction of the building or ordinary maintenance. Contact us now to order our professional and reliable service today. We offer a pleasant and individual approach to each client. You will always be satisfied with our work done. Think of the prevention of drains in time and prevent problems by frequent control of our company. Become one of the hundreds of satisfied customers who are not afraid to use our services on time.

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