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Do you ever think about your life? Family, work and rest, whether active or passive. These are the parts of our lives. The work probably takes us the greatest part of the time and we try to divide the rest between family, hobbies and sleep. But there is only one time left for hobbies. You need time to build your hobby, whatever it is. Retirement seems to be a great opportunity to start living in a real way, without worrying about employment. But first you have to know if you are entitled to a pension and when you are actually waiting. You know that?
We calculate everything
Do you want to save your worries about finding information and counting? If so, the pension calculator is absolutely ideal for us. Only three of your data, namely date of birth, gender and number of children. You don't have to enter more, and our calculator will quickly calculate everything you ask for. You won't find a simpler way elsewhere.

4. 5. 2019 /