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How To Deal With Frozen Gulf Shrimp Before Cooking

Shrimp is the seafood of choice in America, among other popular seafood like King Crab and soft shell crabs. In fact, more than a fourth of total seafood consumption in the country represents shrimp. There are so many varieties of shrimp available on the market, and they also come in larger sized ones called prawns. The choices abound, only proving just how great the demand is for this delicious morsel from the seas and oceans.

Here are some of the types commonly seen in the country:

*Warm water shrimps. This is a popular choice and comes from tropical and sub-tropical countries around the world. It comes in different colors, brown or white, and also pink, and are also called tiger shrimp.

-The cold water type. This type of shrimp is only sold already cooked and shelled. The most common is the pink-colored species that is packed peeled and precooked.

-Harvested wild. There is very little of this type sold in the seafood markets because its harvests are regulated based on annual limits. From this variety, though catch is limited by the government, comes the traditional flavors much preferred by Americans.

*Farmed shrimps. Such variety is farmed for specific attributes and the food and environment controlled to produce a certain level of yield or harvest. This type of shrimp is highly available in large quantities in the American seafood market.

*Domestic shrimps. These are domestic shrimp caught from the coasts of the United States.

Shrimp can be bought fresh or frozen. These can be bought by piece or as blocks of frozen shrimp. It may come as surprising, but the freshest shrimp that you can find may actually be the frozen type which are caught and then processed directly and frozen to preserve the freshness. This frozen variety can be found in almost all supermarkets and seafood markets all around. Besides those which have been directly frozen whole, frozen shrimp is also available shelled or peeled. If in doubt about whether the ones available to you are still fresh, it is always best to turn to popular seafood markets like Crab Dynasty that guarantees what you get is fresh as when the shrimp were first caught.

Seeing that most of the supply comes in the frozen variety, how do you deal with frozen shrimp and make it ready for cooking? Below is a quick guide to quickly and properly prepare frozen shrimps for subsequent cooking.

(1) A really easy way would be to thaw shrimp for cooking is to leave it in the fridge overnight. Of course, to avoid spoiling your shrimp, defrost only as much as you will use for cooking. Otherwise, the thawed, uncooked packs will no longer stay fresh and may spoil. Store the rest in the freezer until the next time. Shrimp thawed like this may only need to be washed thoroughly and then dried using paper towels right before cooking.

2. When thawing direct from the freezer, take the package of shrimp and place it in a clean colander. Fill a big bowl with cold tap water and place the package with the colander right inside, ensuring that everything is fully submerged (time it for around 10 minutes).

3. When the time is up, lift it all out and discard the water. For a second time, fill up the bowl with more water of the same temperature as the first time. Place the shrimps back in the colander and add more water, this time waiting for some 8 minutes, more or less.

4. After this, the shrimp will be defrosted but still cold. Pat dry and cook right away before they cool completely.

It is not a good idea to use hot water to thaw your shrimps as it will only make the process uneven, where some portions will still be hard and others inj direct contact with the warm temperature will have softened. Remember that the perishable nature of seafood like shrimp makes it a good idea to have those still cold right before cooking. Another thing to avoid doing is to microwave shrimp in an effort to defrost it, because this process does not ensure defrosting all throughout, and can only ruin the fresh meat on your shrimp.

You can shop soft shell crabs and your favorite shrimp even while you are at home by simply going online. Shop here at the well-known seafood market Crab King for only the freshest and quality seafood of your choice.

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