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T-shirts. Ladies, men-just T-shirts. One of our most beloved outfits that accompany us from children's years to complete adulthood. Ladies and women who can play lots of colors and countless color variations, motifs and designs. It's a short sleeve-why not? It is long sleeve-no problem!

Men T-Shirts

The T-shirt warms you up and cools. Women's and Men's T-shirts with or without printing, interesting with creative workmanship or a classic T-shaped fit. All these are women's and men's T-shirts, which you can find in our online shop, and from which you will in any case choose exactly which will fit you and your partner.

Warms and cools

Looking for original women's or men's T-shirts? If you visited our website, you just found it.

4. 5. 2019 /

Modern Kitchen Prague

Cooking is your hobby, you cook well and you like, but unfortunately you do not have much space where you can fully develop your talent? What would this solve, what would help you? The modern cuisine of Prague is the help you are looking for so hard.
Modern Kitchen Prague

Such help would really be a shame to let it lie faldon. It would be a shame not to use it and it would be a shame not to cook in a new, happier and better. Try the modern cuisine of Prague, and you will never be angry with your old kitchen, which you cannot give you better conditions…
The new kitchen is better!

The new kitchen is a better solution than to bother with cooking in the current-old. Take advantage of the excellent offer of modern cuisine of Prague and Cook only with a satisfied smile on the lips. Just the way you imagine it.


The comfort of a sedentee job is capable of ensuring healthy sitting, which meets modern office chairs. The offer is varied enough for both the appearance and the material used.
The equipment for the warehouse, workshop and office can be found in the B2B partner offer via the Internet. If you are looking for comfortable seating furniture, you will be surprised by the diversity and variety of the offer. Modern office chairs are present in many types, variants and designs. These are high quality products from Czech and foreign manufacturers.
Quality office chair for ultimate Comfort
In a sedentee occupation, comfortable seating is the basis of satisfaction and is also part of the necessary health care. A quality office chair is able to help with its design solution where an ordinary product does not stand.


Boat and paddle boats and pedal boats are also in full field, so you can indulge in romantic rides that will give you a ride! And you'll want to use this activity over and over again. Treat yourself to magical rides on.
Don't worry about the sea and foreign holidays. Look for the beauty and Splendour in our Czech forest. The Bohemian Paradise is the perfect place to meet your dream holiday wishes. Mácha's lake huts will be the right place for you!

Rest at Mácha's Lake
Relax under a parasol on the shore of Mácha's Lake and take away the quiet shart of water. The chalets at Mácha's Lake will give you this unique atmosphere! Enjoy the pleasures you see in the faces of other holidaymakers.


For the bedroom facilities and creating a truly pleasant atmosphere you don't have to go far. Jump into the TAC e-shop for soft furnishings and choose high-quality bed linens in a variety of designs.
Bed linen-

TAC Household Textiles This is bed linen of well-known manufacturers and proven brands. The offer brings variety of material, variety of colors and designs. A clear search, a wide selection and an ideal ratio of quality and price make this shopping literally enjoyable.
Bed linen-wide choice, quality, low prices

Delight yourself or your loved ones or friends with products that are beautiful to look at and quality even during very long use. Choose high-quality bed linens, with which everyone will be 100% happy.


In addition to the confectionery and generally well-known Kopečková, the Czech company Adriagold now brings you the highest quality draught. Thanks to its twenty years of experience, you are now able to enjoy the unique and unmistakable taste of quality Czech ice cream.
You don't even have to be an exaggerate lover of this frozen delicacy to appreciate the superfine texture and flavor of Adriagold ice cream. The secret of their success lies only in the recipe, which guarantees them the production of just the perfect consistency, creasiness and taste that was demanded.
Perfect taste
They also support cooperation. If your ice cream has so much that you would like to spread this delicious taste, feel free to contact this company and buy the ice cream machine. Just as you shout out how great ice cream you're selling, you won't prosecute!


The new living room would please everyone. If you do not dare to renovate yourself, then get advice and help from genuine professionals who will offer you even living walls and sets, a simple solution for your room.
Would you like to simply choose the whole interior of your future room in a magazine or on the Internet, just order it and no more to worry about it? Then we can fulfill your dream with our offer of living walls and sets. Just choose the design, color, material and the whole installation you can leave on us.
Forget about drilling and slamming nails into the furniture in your new living room. With living walls and kits, we will do it for you.


Finally comes a great offer, will be a great opportunity to spend pleasant moments with family or friends. Finally, take your time off at work, book a great one and you can finally go on a great holiday. Our offer is proven and tested by many satisfied customers, whom we have already offered.

Come to choose the accommodation mountains. We offer you different, where you can choose in our offer. How about in the form of a guest house or chalet. You can book in summer and winter, try once and surely you will love it.
Every day

Choose your own accommodation mountains every day!


Do you solve problems with neglected, unmaintained blocked and waving sewer? Do you need expert advice or are you looking for a company for works and sanitation? If so, then you are in the right place. We offer assistance in any issue with sewer systems. As a company we perform frequent inspections of drains, which ensure proper drainage functionality. Thanks to frequent drainage, it is very easy to defend against unexpected disturbances. Save your finances and make frequent revisions to your drains. As a company, we also offer services such as:

    Cleaning, monitoring and inspection of sewers.
    Pressure tests of sewers.
    Construction works, repairs, and construction of water supply.
    Grease separation, waste management and disposal.
    Heating works, leak tests or plumbing works.

Quality sewer service.

Everyone chooses from our services. Avoid symptoms such as odor and humidity of broken drains. Do not let your sewer get to the stage of wall wetting, sewage or rainwater, or terrain sinking. Check the condition of the drain and avoid unnecessary and unpleasant problems. If any of these problems have already occurred, do not despair and contact us. We solve everything quickly and efficiently thanks to our professional technology. In any case, however, the inspection of drains is suitable whether in the preparation of major reconstruction of the building or ordinary maintenance. Contact us now to order our professional and reliable service today. We offer a pleasant and individual approach to each client. You will always be satisfied with our work done. Think of the prevention of drains in time and prevent problems by frequent control of our company. Become one of the hundreds of satisfied customers who are not afraid to use our services on time.


Are you looking for your home, shop or school bike racks? Do you know where to turn so that your choice and possible purchase are without any problems if possible? Visit our company and choose with us.

So you don't have to go anywhere, just find the right internet link and the bike racks appear on your computer's monitor right in your office. We offer stands with anchoring to the wall, or anchoring to the floor, or hanger stands, everything is only on your choice. The racks are made of solid and durable materials, so their lifespan is essentially lifelong.

Easy and convenient to buy

Our bike racks can be ordered directly on line and we will bring them free of charge directly to the address you specify. At the same time, we provide you with a warranty of up to seven years.
Visit us and see the offer of our goods. We're here for you.